DM Talks

DMTalks are a series of thematic talks to draw like-minded partners in the similar domain who can inspire you to kickstart a habit, a plan and a journey. For the year of 2021, the talks will be in the form of monthly gatherings and involve the regular DM community worship and prayer gatherings.

Community Gathering #1

16 Jan 2021

We gathered as a community to dedicate this year to the Lord as a new milestone, renew our connections with one another and learn about the highlights of DM@360 for the new year.

Thematic Gathering #1

27 Mar 2021

This new initiative attracts like-minded partners to collaborate and converge. The first thematic gathering focused on the theme of Mental Wellness issues. The breakout sessions allowed them to exchange ideas, share reflections and opportunity for further collaboration.

Corporate Gathering #1

16 Apr 2021

DM Partners came together to worship and pray corporately twice a year. There was opportunity to hear from our new DM partners sharing their digital endeavours and challenges.Through this gathering, DM partners foster relationships to remind ourselves we belong to one spiritual body.    

Thematic Gathering #2

31 July 2021 and 21 August 2021

The second thematic gathering, e-Ecclesia. Is the digital church the Church of the future?” a two-part series, looks at the importance and relevance of digital churches in our current unprecedented time. Practitioners will share on the following topics: 

Faith Driven

DM Learn

  • Born out of necessity during the Circuit Breaker period, DMLearn teaches the how-tos to support the community through the period. We have held classes on:
    • Lean start-up methodology for developing businesses
    • Design thinking to empathise with users/ target market
    • Recording for professional podcast production

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