Interview DM partner - Daniel Kok (Shareminary)

Think Coursera, but with Christian education and content

Daniel, a recent graduate from SUTD, started ”Shareminary” with his friend. Shareminary aims to enrich and educate Christians with more knowledge of God and His Word. 

After speaking to Dawn at DM@360, who helped them with their business developments, the duo were convinced to work towards a business that would meaningfully serve God’s Kingdom.

Why education? Inspired by Singapore’s fixation on education, the founders of Shareminary were pointed to the direction of educating Christians.

Starting this business was definitely not an easy task. However, the Shareminary team has been journeying with Shu Chen (Chief Digital Servant of DM@360) to connect with others, even in global areas. Daniel hopes that in the years to come, Shareminary would become an easily accessible and free  platform for Christian education.

As a relatively new partner of DM@360, Daniel has been a frequent visitor of the space. He enjoys interacting and working together in the presence of other Christians, allowing him to build a community of startups to expand God’s Kingdom. When asked about his most memorable experience at DM@360, he recalls the time that he spontaneously led worship during a DM Event with SC and his friend.

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