New co-working space is looking for the next Facebook to disrupt how we do missions

It was 8pm on a Tuesday and, instead of getting ready for bed, art therapist Jane Goh, along with another counsellor based in Singapore, was on a video

conference with a local couple more than 6,000 km away in Central Asia discussing counselling issues.

Interview with DM partner - Reggie Ng (SYFC)

Meet Reggie, a full-time staff member in SYFC and a current DMPartner. Call it a blessing in disguise, but despite the physical challenges posed by the pandemic, this led to their recent project: Poly Parcel, an online platform that delivers and shares the authentic experiences of polytechnic seniors. 

Interview with DM partner - Steve Loh (MyLoh)

Steve, founder and CEO of the virtual e-buddy “My Life of Hope (Myloh)”, started this journey after discovering a troubling shortage of available help for those struggling with mental health. 

Through detailed conversations, focus groups and surveys, Steve discovered there were only 1 in 22,000 trained professionals and psychiatrists available to help. 

Interview DM partner - Daniel Kok (Shareminary)

Think Coursera, but with Christian education and content

Daniel, a recent graduate from SUTD, started ”Shareminary” with his friend. Shareminary aims to enrich and educate Christians with more knowledge of God and His Word. 

Interview DM partner - Trevor Fong (InOne)

Trevor, Co-founder and Director of InOne

A heart for community, InOne is a faith-based platform that strives to reach out beyond the four walls of the church. 

Through the online sharing of struggles and tragedies of regular people, InOne hopes to be a refuge for those going through the same struggles.

Interview with DM Partner - Keith Lee (Interseed)

Meet Keith, the co-founder of Interseed. The vision was first planted into one of the co-founders and blossomed into an online platform for a digital prayer community. Together with Keith’s prior experience with tech startups, Keith knew it was God’s call for him to embark on Interseed. 

Interview DM partner - Isaac Zhang (SME Digital Marketing)

Meet Isaac, the founder of SME Digital marketing. SME Digital marketing offers SMEs the full marketing stack but distinguishes itself from the rest as they can scale down or scale up the amount needed for their clients. 

With us, you can have good cost savings and higher economies of scale.

Interview DM partner - Kenneth Heng (Solve n+1)

Solve n+1 is a community-based management consultancy. They design, research, pilot and strategise community development plans. Through their solutions, solve n+1 strives to empower companies meaningfully to make the world a better place. 

Interview with DM Partner - John Teoh (The Socially Awkward Podcast)

To debunk and break the common misconceptions of homeschoolers, John kickstarted the Socially Awkward Podcast in 2020. Through the podcast, they share stories and experiences they had while growing up, giving others a glimpse of what life is like for homeschoolers. 

Interview with DM Partner - Elaine Zhou (CNEW )​

Meet Elaine, the founder and CEO of CNEW, a training consultancy that empowers business leaders and entrepreneurs in Singapore and China. Before CNEW’s beginning, Elaine had two other unsuccessful start-ups. She soon decided to undergo training in the US, which allowed her to see personal development and transformation within herself.

Interview with DM Partner - Derek Liang & Persis Hoo (Heritance Digital)

A good man leaves an inheritance for his children’s children” – Proverbs 13:22(a)

Derek, felt that the industry was overly-focused on asset-transfers, but there was a lack of conversation about value-transfers. Moreover, many of the younger generation today are not well-informed and unprepared to handle sudden wealth passed down by their parents.

Interview with DM Partner - Scott Koh (Travelhorse)​

Travelhorse first started as a luggage deposit service to uplift travellers. However, due to the changing circumstances brought by COVID-19, the Travelhorse team made a switch to providing delivery services. Through intentional interactions with his team and clients, Scott finds ways to practice and to let these communities know more about God.

Interview with DM Partner - Raymond Lim (Storigin)

An amalgamation of “story” and “original”, Storigin aims to connect with people through their original stories. “Networking today as we know is fast-paced, … a lot of times we fail to understand the person behind the title

Behind the platform, Storigin started after his co-founder, Si Ying, wanted to connect with people after her flight from China.

Interview with DM Partner - Samuel Goh (EmSociety)

EmSociety began with a dream. Samuel, one of the co-founders of EmSociety, dreamt of this new venture, woke up and decided to turn that dream into a reality.

The name EmSociety is a combination of “Empowering” and “Society” which is the goal of the brand. Financial literacy today is mostly available for those with higher income due to its high costs, and this is where Samuel wants to make a change. The team believes in making financial literacy available for everyone.

Interview with DM Partner - Angeline Koh (Tyros Global)

“Be a good story, live a good story, and tell great stories.” This is what Angeline always tells her participants of the digital storytelling workshops she held. Angeline is the founder of Tyros Global for more than ten years. She has been helping communities, government agencies, organisations and individuals through stories and design to capture memories, discover and brand themselves.

Interview with DM Partner - Xael Tan (Indigitous SG)

Meet Xael, one of the co-leads of Indigitous Singapore as he shares his experiences running Hackathons in Singapore for the past 6 years. 

Indigitous, as he claimed, is a movement of christians who want to use their talents for God to advance His kingdom. They desire to mobilize the community among the Christian brothers and sisters to gear them together towards doing digital missions or devising products for God’s purpose or agenda. 

Interview with DM Partner - Jay Ng (WeShine)​

Jay Ng shared this, “In my heart… if I can impact just one life, that’s enough for me. One life at a time, one family at a time.” WeShine collaborates with other agencies in Singapore to look into issues of poverty and inequality, and providing aid for essential workers.

The Covid-19 pandemic has opened many opportunities for businesses where people in different regions are led into digital remote work. WeShine finds this opportunity with the mission to improve the livelihood of people. 

Interview with DM Partner - Russ Martin (Lausanne Movement) and Simon Seow (Cru)

Both Russ and Simon are the pioneer partners with DM@360. They have seen the growth process of DM@360 from an idea using technology to reach the world into the current stage. 

Russ Martin is the director of Digital Engagement of Lausanne Movement as well as the managing director and co-founder of Indigitous Global Network. Simon Seow is the senior digital strategist with the global digital team at Cru, and also a co-founder and lead catalyst at Indigitous Global Network. 

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