Interview DM partner - Isaac Zhang (SME Digital Marketing)

Meet Isaac, the founder of SME Digital marketing. SME Digital marketing offers SMEs the full marketing stack but distinguishes itself from the rest as they can scale down or scale up the amount needed for their clients. 

With us, you can have good cost savings and higher economies of scale.

Starting SME Digital Marketing was a natural progression for Isaac. The idea first came to mind a few years back, however, “everyone has ideas but it’s a beauty to execute it.” 

Why SMEs? Isaac shares how his previous experiences with SMEs influenced this decision. Moreover, SMEs have direct access to customers, rather than going through a full chain that would delay and complicate the process.

The world calls it ‘charity work’, but for us the line is drawn clearly. We work with missional start-ups and support their objective as best as we can… For us, it’s the relationship nurtured that enables us to uptake better offerings from these clients.

Indeed, there were challenges these past three years. However, Isaac shares that he learned to trust God more and realise that circumstances are always changing. “Problems never stop appearing, but the same goes for solutions… just like the grace and provisions of God.” 

Experience with DM@360

DM@360 was first introduced to Isaac through a LinkedIn connection and shortly after, he met up with SC. 

There was a natural synergy there. Real social change needs to be done through the economy…to impact the world much better I feel that this is where the Lord has placed me.

For Isaac, beyond the space, it’s about the people. Isaac recalls a statement by someone in DM@360, who shared that DM@360 is not tribal and “for a follower to say that, it says a lot about the leader.

The amenities are versatile and Isaac shares that Lena and the rest of the team go out of their way to make sure that everyone feels at home. But Isaac is drawn towards the vision of DM@360 and hopes that DM@360 will continue to create meaningful connections. 

Advice for budding Christian entrepreneurs:

  1. Your heart needs to be prepared…It’s not something that you just toy with for a while.” Getting prepared means that your lifestyle has to support it because it’s definitely not going to be easy. 

Don’t come into entrepreneurship if you do not have any value to offer… someone said to me recently ‘you’re either adding to the table or taking away from it.”

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