Interview DM partner - Trevor Fong (InOne)

Trevor, Co-founder and Director of InOne

A heart for community, InOne is a faith-based platform that strives to reach out beyond the four walls of the church. 

Through the online sharing of struggles and tragedies of regular people, InOne hopes to be a refuge for those going through the same struggles.

By allowing readers to see that they are not alone, InOne is a safe space for encouragement and support. 

With the majority of the population on social media, Trevor and his team embrace the digital possibilities. “If the church does not invest in this, we won’t be able to reach out to the younger generation.” 

In particular, Trevor recalls a time when a young Primary six girl reached out to them. Despite her young age, she lamented about her life, overwhelmed by her broken family and carrying the burden of caring for her younger siblings. However, through InOne and the digital space, the team has kept in contact with her as well as providing her with care and support. Till this day, they’ve stayed connected with her. 

Trevor first heard of DM@360 through a friend and after hearing SC’s heart and mission for DM@360, he quickly joined on board.

Emphasising the importance of community, Trevor hopes to see the DM Community growing closer to serve as a whole body of Christ. He believes that every member has a unique role, but as we all in one through Christ, we are able to work together to further His Kingdom. Likewise, Trevor’s prayer and heart’s desire is for partners to continue building, supporting and encouraging one another in a deeper way. 

To those contemplating joining DM@360, Trevor’s encouragement is to realise the meaningfulness of community and assembling together for the greater potential. 

Trevor’s advice to budding Christian entrepreneurs:

  1. Pull up your socks and sleeves and just do it. 

A lot of people talk, but don’t do… Enough talk,  just do it. From the doing, you’ll be able to learn, and from the learning, you’ll be able to improve.”

  1. Get connected with like-minded people.

Get plugged in with DM, talk to SC so that you understand what other people are doing…and reach out to them to learn. By learning, you can find your unique niche.”

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