Interview with DM Partner - Angeline Koh (Tyros Global)

“Be a good story, live a good story, and tell great stories.” This is what Angeline always tells her participants of the digital storytelling workshops she held. Angeline is the founder of Tyros Global for more than ten years. She has been helping communities, government agencies, organisations and individuals through stories and design to capture memories, discover and brand themselves.

The name Tyros comes from the word “story”. The Latin meaning of the word “Tyros” is learner or apprentice. It ties in with Angeline’s lifelong learning motto to all about storytelling.    

The challenge Angeline faced in running her business as a sole proprietor is she hopes to have a team to operate together. She shared how being a caregiver for six times inspired her to be more passionate about capturing memories and stories. Looking back at how God orchestrates her through the events in her life, she learns to identify her core product and customizes her customers’ needs using storytelling. 

Her desire is always to bring people with deeper connection and relationship with Jesus, and passing on her skill set to enable others with tools to use for the Gospel. 

Experience with DM@360

“We are not meant to be alone,” Angeline says about her partnership with DM@360. She sees DM@360 where she can exchange her digital storytelling skills in ministry and technology with other DM partners, connect with them to share her experiences in order to have more opportunities to reach the world. 

Advice for budding entrepreneurs:

  1. Expect challenges
  2. To follow Christ, the connection with Jesus needs to be there
  3. Connect with others and look out for mentors

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