Interview with DM Partner - Derek Liang & Persis Hoo (Heritance Digital)

A good man leaves an inheritance for his children’s children” – Proverbs 13:22(a)


Derek, felt that the industry was overly-focused on asset-transfers, but there was a lack of conversation about value-transfers. Moreover, many of the younger generation today are not well-informed and unprepared to handle sudden wealth passed down by their parents.


Instead of preparing money for people, which is what most people do, I think we should prepare people for moneywhich is something rarely talked about in the industry.”


The Heritance App is available for all consumers, regardless of  financial background. Through the app, users can connect with their family, allowing them to pass down wealth and assets, memories, stories and values. The Heritance team also have plans to take this beyond the local space, and impact lives around the region.


Experience at with DM@360


Derek and Persis share that their experiences with DM@360 are both inspiring and insightful. For Derek, he has always seen his work with Lighthouse legacy and Heritance as missional, but “seeing the younger co-workers in the Lord’s harvest field in DM@360, there’s so much I can learn from them… maybe even collaborate with them.” Likewise for Persis, she shares that it is inspiring to see other budding start-ups, where they can all learn from one another.



Advice for budding Christian Entrepreneurs:

  1. Remember that God is our real CEO.
  2. Seek out good talents and executors, really seek out their heart.

Advice for young Christians who are directed to change paths:

  1. Seek God
  2. Get blessings from your loved ones
  3. For me, it was also because I was searching for my passion..when this opportunity came along, I think it really struck a chord in me. My whole direction and motivation is to seek what is God’s call and purpose in my life.”

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