Interview with DM Partner - John Teoh (The Socially Awkward Podcast)

To debunk and break the common misconceptions of homeschoolers, John kickstarted the Socially Awkward Podcast in 2020. Through the podcast, they share stories and experiences they had while growing up, giving others a glimpse of what life is like for homeschoolers. 

Inspired by one of his favourite YouTubers, John wanted to have his podcast as well. He soon gathered a team by contacting his friends and families. After planning for several months, The Socially Awkward Podcast soon uploaded their first episode in early 2020. Since then, the team has been growing, where they’ve recruited numerous roles and are in the process of training a new host. 

Beyond the podcast, John hopes that training more youths will enable them to bring back these skills to their church. “Being able to empower these people so that they can implement what they’ve learned in their churches and expand the Kingdom, that’s very important to me.”

Experience with DM@360

When the formation of The Socially Podcast was still in the works, the team was looking for a conducive environment to host the podcast. “At home, there are people, there’s environmental noise… so it’s not very conducive.” Shortly after, the team was introduced to DM@360. They sat down and talked to SC, where they found out about DM’s vision and goal. 

Seeing SC’s passion for wanting to connect people, really encouraging and wanting to give them the resources that they need so that they can use their skills and talent for the Kingdom, that was a very convincing factor for me.”

Advice for other Christian Creatives

Focus on the long term goal, not short term circumstances. 

Some days will be difficult, and it can be easy to think “why can’t I not do this?“. But you have to stay grounded and remind yourself of the purpose.

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