Interview with DM Partner - Keith Lee (Interseed)​

Interseed: A digital global house of prayer. 

Meet Keith, the co-founder of Interseed. The vision was first planted into one of the co-founders and blossomed into an online platform for a digital prayer community. Together with Keith’s prior experience with tech startups, Keith knew it was God’s call for him to embark on Interseed. 

Prayer is so crucial for your daily walk with God and ministry.”

Staying rooted in the importance of prayer, Interseed aims to strengthen our personal walks with God and cultivate a habit of prayer and thanksgiving. Through interseed, users are able to journal, share public or anonymous prayer requests, encourage and uplift one another.  

The importance of community is also taken into account. Users are not only able to use this app with global members, but use it for connecting with their current communities such as friends, cell groups, missionaries or churches. 

The name interseed is a word play on “intercede” and sowing the seeds of God’s kingdom. Interseed also highlights the importance of staying rooted in a daily personal worship and relationship with God. “As we grow in our personal prayer lives, we grow in our prayer for others.”

Keith shares how the app has blessed and encouraged believers in their faith. There were testimonials of people struggling, but were encouraged through the app after posting anonymous prayer requests. 

Beyond the app, Interseed hosts weekly prayers on Monday nights through  Instagram Live. These live prayer sessions are a response to daily news and crises. “We believe that prayer is our first response for breaking news… and we believe that is extremely powerful.

Experience with DM@360

After sharing with others about Interseed, Keith was directed to DM@360 and has joined as a partner in 2020. Through some of the DM events, Keith shared about his vision for Interseed,  as well as challenges and received encouragement from other DM Partners. 

There’s a lot of co-working spaces, but none of them are like DM… DM is unique because you’re able to find and work with other Kingdom-minded people.

Keith hopes that in the years to come, DM@360 will continue to grow as a community. 

Advice for budding entrepreneurs:

“Be faithful to God and His call. Continually seek Him even when you face setbacks, because He will pull through with His promises.”

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