Interview with DM Partner - Russ Martin (Lausanne Movement) and Simon Seow (Cru)

Both Russ and Simon are the pioneer partners with DM@360. They have seen the growth process of DM@360 from an idea using technology to reach the world into the current stage. 

Russ Martin is the director of Digital Engagement of Lausanne Movement as well as the managing director and co-founder of Indigitous Global Network. Simon Seow is the senior digital strategist with the global digital team at Cru, and also a co-founder and lead catalyst at Indigitous Global Network. Russ and Simon are motivated to start the network while social media was in its infancy period. They felt technologies and digital media are significant ways to reach out to the world and recognize the need to mobilize and connect those in the marketplace to work on missional issues together. 

The Lausanne Movement desires to connect influencers and ideas for global mission across the world and envisions the gospel for every person. Similarly, Cru starts the movement of using digital “to help win more boldly, to build more deeply, to send more urgently” to bring the gospel  to everyone, anywhere and anytime in this digital world and help global organizations and leaders to fulfil the Great Commission. 

Russ was referred to DM@360 by friends and colleagues. “I was so thrilled to find like-minded people that wanted to see technology, digital strategies, digital media, a startup culture that redeems and helps the Gospel move forward… discipleship using digital,” he shared. Simon’s partnership with DM@360 started even before it was officially launched. He was approached by the chief digital servant of DM@360 and was invited to join as a DM partner. “I count it an honour to form the initial team to build the foundation… figuring out what this thing should be called. It wasn’t even called DM360.” He added, “It’s satisfying to see it (DM@360) take root and grow to where it is today.” 

Experience with DM@360

Russ commented on the amenities and spaces at DM@360 as part of hosting a group of leaders from different countries across the Asia Pacific region. The ample meeting rooms, furnishing, location and proximity to food are the plus points to host such an important meeting. 

Leading the project “Celebration of Hope” in the initial stages of DM@360 was one memorable time for Simon and his team. Through the livestream event at the auditorium, the team recruited 80 online responders using different gifts, talents and experiences to do amazing things together as people of God for this outreach and literally brought hope beyond the stadium. 

Ultimately, there is a great sense of unity of people and a great space to collaborate together with passionate people about using digital for God’s mission. These causes prompt both of them to be part of the DM@360 community. 

Advice for young Christian entrepreneurs:


  1. Your walk with the Lord is the most important thing. No matter how challenging your business is going to be, invest your time and energy in your walk with the Lord daily. 
  2. Do maintain an agile posture of learning and failure. Know about your product and the market which works out for you and put yourself out there to learn.


  1. God created us as His unique handiwork to do good work and shine for Him wherever He places us. Recognize that God is interested in our journey with Him to help us walk through it.
  2. Do not do things alone but work with others with humility to learn, support and encourage one another to advance His Kingdom.

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