Interview with DM Partner - Xael Tan (Indigitous SG)

Meet Xael, one of the co-leads of Indigitous Singapore as he shares his experiences running Hackathons in Singapore for the past 6 years. 

Indigitous, as he claimed, is a movement of christians who want to use their talents for God to advance His kingdom. They desire to mobilize the community among the Christian brothers and sisters to gear them together towards doing digital missions or devising products for God’s purpose or agenda. 

Before becoming a DM@360 partner, Indigitous has struggled with reaching out to people and inviting them to join the movement and is limited to a small number of like-minded people to run Hackathons. Finding a suitable venue that would allow participants to collaborate, generate ideas and come up with solutions is another challenge for Xael and his team. 

Experience with DM@360

Xael and his team in Indigitous ran their #HACK in 2019 at DM@360. Making use of the different levels and spaces within the facilities enables them to collaborate, and most memorably, to build stronger connections beyond the project. 

“I mean I’ve been through so many #HACK throughout the years. I believe that particular year the community was really strong,” he said. Noting that the structure of the space such as having a cafe area and having different smaller meeting rooms makes it easier to create natural opportunities to interact with different teams and collaboration develops out of their conversations.

“That was really our best #HACK ever. I can really feel God’s spirit in the house as we come together.” 

Aside from the space, what drew Indigitous to be a DM Partner is having the same heart and drive for digital missions, and the opening to meet different “Missionpreneurs” (missional entrepreneurs) who share the same missional purpose. 

Advice for young entrepreneurs:

  1. Start from the mission field and the people you want to reach out to
  2. It is God’s idea and not our idea or business  
  3. Involve Jesus in what you do, and everything will be clearer and easier

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